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Food at Xier

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Jason Allen 13/03/19


NOTE: Sadly, Xier is now closed. The good news is, chef Carlo Scotto’s now opening Amethyst.

Carlo Scotto is one of those so-hot-right-now young uberchefs who seem to have talent to burn, and a work ethic to match.

Pun absolutely intended.

And after learning the ropes at Michelin-Starred restaurants like Murano and Galvin La Chapelle before becoming head chef at Babbo in Mayfair, he’s finally moved out on his own with his very own restaurant. In fact, it might be more accurate to say that he’s opened his first two restaurants, because this bi-floor Marylebone space is split between a pair very different eateries with their own separate menus & identities…



Starting on the upper deck, there is Xier. It’s open only in the evenings, and it only serves a 10-course tasting menu. This is the part that’s designed to seriously impress. The decor is acutely understated, filled with simple, muted tones of grey & white as if to underline the point: the food is what’s important here. Dishes include delicate red prawn crudo brightened with red caviar, fresh raspberry and yuzu; beautifully textured rose-cured salmon paired with creamy foie gras; and some richly flavoured back cod with cooked in caramel miso.

For dessert, things kick off with cheese & fresh ‘fizzy grapes’. Discovered completely by accident after they were left in dry ice overnight, they’re plump red grapes that genuinely taste as if they’re carbonated. Following that you’ll find the likes of chocolate sabayon, tonka cream, crunchy biscuit & tonka ice cream, peanut caramel tart, banana cake and coffee ice cream, citrus, shortbread biscuit, lemon curd, fresh grapefruit and grape & basil sorbet. And petit fours.


On the ground floor, you’ll find XR, the more casual version of the two parts, it’s been given a slightly darker, moodier atmosphere than the space above. You’ll find a small mirrored cocktail bar in the corner, and bow-tied wait staff gliding between tables, delivering the likes of papaya-marinaded hanger steak with pickled walnuts, shallots, and jalapeño; and some yellowfin tuna tartar with aubergine caviar and taro. They even have a little foie gras mayo with their smaller-sized lamb slider…

…if you’re feeling sheepish.


NOTE: Sadly, Xier is now closed. The good news is, he’s now opening Amethyst.

Xier | 13-14 Thayer St, Marylebone, W1U 3JR

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13-14 Thayer St, Marylebone, W1U 3JR

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