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Due to Coronavirus, London’s most wonderful places, events & experiences are currently unable to operate, rendering our job of uncovering the best of them inestimably less relevant. So we’ve decided to temporarily put The Nudge on pause.

No membership payments will now be processed.

We’ll be back as soon as possible to support the people & places that make London so special; and to help you make the most of whatever this beautiful, diverse & vibrant city has in store for us all in the coming months. But for now we thank you for your continued support, and for bearing with us.

Stay safe,

The Nudge x


PS To confirm ALL Nudge memberships are now on pause and we will be processing NO membership payments. If you’re a monthly member you simply won’t be charged anything until we contact you to say that we’re coming back; if you’re an annual member, the amount of time that we’re on pause for will be added to your membership. To contact us for clarification or reassurance, to cancel your membership, or for any other reason at all please email us on –