ABQ & Sinner | An Immersive Cocktail & Shot Bar In East London

Published 14/08/18

ABQ & Sinner

ABQ & Sinner | Immersive Cocktail & Shot Bar

Breaking Bad.

Immersive cocktail experiences.

Apparently, the two have good chemistry.

Because ABQ, the BB-themed pop up set in an RV parked somewhere in East London in which you got to ‘cook’ a trio of inventive drinks, has gone permanent. And in a very impressive way.

Because not only have they housed the entire RV within their huge new venue, but they’ve opened it out at the back, and added in an entire, chemistry lab-style cocktail bar which spins out into the larger seating area behind it. Then, they’ve thrown in a highly creative shot bar above that (Sinner), before finally putting a full-blown pizza restaurant into the al fresco area out back.

Here’s the breakdown:


abq & sinner

If you spring for the full ABQ experience, then you and your cook-partner will head into the RV parked in the middle of the venue, where you’ll be given yellow boiler suits and gas masks before getting a lesson in how to mix some extraordinary cocktails (that change colour as you drink them, for instance) using the chemistry sets & booze provided.

If you’re just dropping by, then you can just head to the cocktail bar abutting the back of the RV itself, and score one of their premixed, but equally inventive drinks – the MNG, for instance, has smokey whiskey, lemon, and honey topped with a “crackable mango & ginger sphere”; while the GNG has tequila, violettes, and pink grapefruit whip finished with grapefruit and violet foam.

Heading upstairs, you’ll then come to-


Abq & sinner

This darker, moodier space has faux stained glass windows opposite the bar, a floor painted (strangely) with the measured lines you’d find on the wall at a police lineup, and a trio of arcade cabinets.

The concept is unusual, to say the least. You don’t buy drinks here, instead you buy tokens for the arcades. They’re all bespoke games, made specifically for the bar, and all Breaking Bad-related: there’s a platformer with Walt bouncing around to collect cocktails, a space-shooter where you ride the RV through asteroids, and a racing game where you outrun the DEA. Throw in your token, and play until you get a game over – the cabinet will then print a voucher for a specific shot, decided according to your score. Take the voucher to the bar, and voila, the barkeep will make whatever’s on it.

Those shots are plentiful in their variety, and come in a wealth of creatively intoxicating combinations, with the menu split into Juicy (Lemon Drop, Alabama Slammer), Layered (B-52, Baby Guinness), Creamy (Apple Pie, 5th Ave), and Lethal (Adios, Flaming Henry) categories. All in all, there are 10 in each category, making 40 overall.


abq & sinner

Finally, if you’re looking to fuel up after all of that boozing, there’s their vegan pizza joint, which may go some way to explaining the name. It’s set within an all-white al fresco courtyard, and sports a huge stone pizza oven from which you can score dough disks with remarkably plant-based toppings like Cajun-spiced vegan chicken, vegan ‘Nduja, and vegan salami.

In other words, after indulging at Sinner…

…you’ll probably end up a patron of Saint.

NOTE: Sinner X ABQ is open now. Bookings aren’t essential, but recommended if you want to guarantee a place in Sinner/the RV, and you can make one at their website right HERE.


ABQ London | 18 Bohemia Place, E8 1DU

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ABQ & Sinner

18 Bohemia Place, Hackney, East London, E8 1DU
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