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It’s not often that the person serving behind the bar is literally serving behind bars.

But that’s precisely the idea at Alcotraz (see what they did there?) – a prison-themed bar that proved so popular as a pop up, it’s now got an indefinite sentence lease at its site in Shoreditch.

Gathering the smoothest, most subtle of your friends, you’ll make your way to a shuttered, nondescript building on Brick Lane. Tapping on the door, you’ll be led to the holding area, where you’ll need to don your bright orange convict suit (after all, you don’t want to draw any attention to yourself) and prepare to enter Alcotraz. Luckily, ol’ Clyde Cassidy – the prison’s resident bootlegger – is on hand to give you a few pointers on surviving in here. Most of which, naturally, involves smuggling booze.

It’s down to you to then get your particular poison past the prison guards and to avoid detection once you’re inside, sweet talking the warden while a host of expert mixologists put together something delicious with your contraband.

Specifically, four bespoke cocktails made to your tastes…

…So there’s no need to bail early.


NOTE: Alcotraz is open Weds-Sun, 5-11pm, and tickets cost £33.99pp (which includes your jumpsuit, and 4 cocktails made with whichever spirit you bring). You can find out more and book on their website HERE.

Alcotraz | 212 Brick Lane, E1 6SA

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212 Brick Lane, Brick Lane, East London, E1 6SA
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