Bar Story

Bar Story.

It could tell you some tales.

Because this south east stalwart first arrived in 2003 and was one of the original places on the scene during Peckham’s land-speed-breaking gentrification.

Now owned by the trio of friends who have a hand in Peckham Springs (the sibling cocktail bar across the road) and Frank’s (the famed rooftop negroni bar), its basic painted brickwork interior, railway arch setting, and corrugated iron-backed chalkboard menu radiate a relaxed, confident atmosphere that says “we basically invented this look”.

Bar Story - best bars in Peckham

The place is small and the bar is teeming with bearded, bespectacled and everything-in-between punters looking to get their fix of the cheap and, most importantly, delicious cocktails – the prices of which haven’t changed in 15 years.

Spilt into three categories – like at sister venue Peckham Springs – expect cocktails at £6, £7 and (an extortionate) £8. There’s locally brewed beers and a small selection of wines, if you fancy those instead.

Bar Story

The notable difference between here and Peckham Springs is the freshly stretched pizzas served alongside your drinks. In keeping with the theme, the most expensive one (Parma ham and tomato, both of which are lavishly draped over the crisp base once it’s been through the oven) comes in at under a tenner, while a Margherita is just £6. With the money left over from your drink and pizza order, why not add a side of burrata with fennel and anchovies? You’ll still have change from twenty quid.

The End.


NOTE: Bar Story is open from 4-10 Monday-Thursday, 4-12 on Friday, all day on Saturday and 1-9 on Sunday. For more information, click here.

Bar Story | 213 Blenheim Grove, Peckham, SE15 4QL

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Bar Story

213 Blenheim Grove, Peckham, South East London, SE15 4QL
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