Jason Allen 02/04/22

Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice.

Beetle Juice.

Beetle Juice.

Typically, if you wanted to summon the Beetle Juice cocktail campervan, just saying the name three times didn’t work. You needed to email. But if you did manage to put finger to keyboard anytime since their launch in 2012, then you would have been rewarded with a visit from a lively & brightly coloured vintage VW campervan, whose roof opened up to reveal a complete cocktail bar.

Now, they’ve decided they’d rather be the ones doing the summoning. So they’ve opened their first brick & mortar site in Brixton Village and – twist – are having the punters come to them instead. It’s an idea so crazy, it just might work.

Step inside, and you’ll find a teeny little space with dark walls, dangling plant life, and a DJ booth all illuminated by their signature neon signage. And as for the bar? Well, they’ve managed to keep the campervan by simply slicing it in half, and propping it up against a wall which rather conveniently has several shelves-worth of booze recessed into it.

That alcohol is all going into drinks that include a spiced pineapple daiquiri with rum, pineapple and lime; a spicy picante paloma with tequila, grapefruit juice lime and chilli; and more besides. They have a dedicated Margarita Menu, boasting the likes of a Tommy’s (with orange liquor and lime); and a Spicy Mango which blends tequila, mango, chilli, lime and sugar.

And if you fancy a little ballast to go with the booze? You’re in Brixton Village, and they’re happy for you to order in from one of the various great eateries next door (such as Three Uncles, Honest Burger, etc.) and take to to your table.

If you can summon up the effort, that is.


NOTE: Beetle Juice is open now. You can find out more at their Insta right here.

Beetle Juice | 24-25 Granville Arcade, SW9 8PR

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Beetle Juice

24-25 Granville Arcade, Brixton, SW9 8PR
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