Best Bars In East London | The Best Bars From The City To Hackney

Best Bars In East London

Best Bars In East London

The Best Bars In East London

Brace yourself.

Worship St Whistling Shop | Exploded Vodka Martini, anyone? Worship St Whistling Shop: a quirky cocktail bar inspired by Victorian gin palaces and dram shops of old. | Worship St, Shoreditch, EC2A 2DU

Zetter Townhouse | The most sumptuous and intriguing of all London cocktail bars: packed with curios and oddities, it’s a den of lived in luxury, and easily one of the best bars in East London. | St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, EC1V 4JJ

Boundary | Shoreditch has seen it all: nuns, factory owners, criminals and prostitutes. Now it boasts a roof terrace with 360-degree views across the chimneys of the East End. And hipsters. | Boundary St, Shoreditch, E2 7DD

Bar Nightjar | Nightjar is a bona fide speakeasy, complete with candlelight, conspiratorial whisperings, rose-tinted mirrors, leather chairs, live jazz and award winning cocktails. It’s also a bona fide contender for the best bar in London. | City Rd, Old Street, EC1V 1JB

Callooh Callay | A bustling Victorian-inspired bar, inside which lives the actual, legitimate speakeasy wardrobe to Narnia. And by ‘Narnia’, we mean Callooh Calay’s dimly-lit, tropicalia inspired hideaway lounge. | 65 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY

Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town | Your knowledge of London’s underground, speakeasy-style cocktail bars is making you more popular than ever. Which is really saying something, because everyone loves you anyway. | Artillery Ln off Bishopsgate, E1 7LS

Mahogany Bar, Wilton’s Music Hall | Sailors and love makers have been frequenting The Mahogany Bar at Wilton’s since 1725. On Mondays, croonworthy pianists type catalogues of jazz and soul music all night for free. | Graces Alley, Tower Hamlets, E1 8JB

Sager & Wilde | Top calibre, predominately Californian wines sold by the glass over a bar of reclaimed cast iron cellar doors. And as far as good aesthetics go… Yes… this is literally as far as good aesthetics go. | Hackney Road, Hackney, E2 8JL

Nola | A Shoreditch cocktail bar inspired by the culture and rich history of New Orleans’ French Quarter with period fittings and an alternating line-up of pianists, live bands, and table dancers. | 68 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 3AY

Best Bars in East London

Satan’s Whiskers | A Bethnal Green bar cramped between newsagents, mini-cab offices and strip clubs with an illuminated icebox on the bar full of sliced tropical fruits. | Cambridge Heath Rd, Bethnal Green, E2 9RA

Ruby’s Dalston | Located under a large, lit-up cinema billboard currently bearing the words “Nothing to see here…” is basement speakeasy, Ruby’s. | Stoke Newington Rd, Dalston, N16 7XB

Peg + Patriot | Molecular mixology: the term applied to the process of creating cocktails using the equipment and techniques of molecular gastronomy. Well, theres a bit of that going on here… | Patriot Square, Bethnal Green, E2 9NF

Casita | A Shoreditch side street cocktail shack in which they’ve valiantly attempted to put one of every single thing on Earth inside a room the size of a pea. Including tequila heavy cocktails, cold beers and shots – whether you want them or not. | Ravey St, Old Street, EC2A 4QW


(Image: Callooh Callay)

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Best Bars In East London

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