Bull in a China Shop

Whisky bars.

Aside from being a huge, unexploited business opportunity for Cadburys, they’re also one of the world’s most popular niche drinking dens, which makes producing a truly great one all the more difficult.

Thankfully, Shoreditch’s Bull actually manages it by providing a unique blend of Japanese Izakaya, Scottish whisky bar, and Midwest America prohibition hide-out, with a low-lit blend of ‘30s glamour and industrial chic. Here’s what you’ll find:


While they’re haven’t compiled the most comprehensive library of brown booze in the world (at a mere 100ish bottles) that’s only due to their ruthless discrimination of anything remotely low quality. The list is predominantly Japanese/Scottish, and there are even ‘rarities’ from closed distilleries, or legendary small-batch releases.

Those bottles are poured into cocktails with a Japanese twist, such as the Shinto Sour using Hibiki whisky and plum sake, or the Chamomile and Charcoal Old Fashioned with homemade chamomile syrup and coconut charcoal.


The food can only be described as a little of everything: it’s the only place (to our knowledge) where you can score a full English breakfast alongside whisky-marinated BBQ baby back ribs for breakfast; whilst whisky glazed whole rotisserie chicken and caviar-dusted beef fillet can be ordered alongside vegan haggis and truffled popcorn chicken.

Almost as tasty as a whiskey bar.


NOTE: Bull In A China Shop is open daily, 10am-11.30pm. You can make a reservations, and find out more, HERE.

PS: This bar looks, well, a little shabby on the outside. Persevere.

Bull In A China Shop | 196 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6LG

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Bull in a China Shop

196 Shoreditch High St, Shoreditch, East London, E1 6LG

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