Neil Frame 07/01/22

BYOC Camden

BYOC Camden | A Clandestine, Prohibition-Styled Cocktail Bar With A Menu Designed By You

Know what you deserve?

A break from the modern world.

A break from the incessant notifications of the technology that surrounds you; a break from bright, flashing lights; a break from colleagues and deadlines; a break from loud music; and a break from having your space invaded by all of the other people in London. You deserve a break from the 21st Century. 

And while we’re at it, you deserve a break from having to pay for cocktails too.

All of which is good news, because now – if you head along to an unassuming door on Camden High Street, descend the narrow staircase hidden beyond it, and sidle into BYOC – then you’ll find everything that you deserve, and more.

BYOC Camden

Specifically, you’ll find a beautiful, dimly lit basement bar created in the style of a clandestine, prohibition era casino. The deal at BYOC Camden is simply that you:

1) Reserve your seats online,

2) Turn up with a bottle of your preferred spirit, and

3) Pay £35 on arrival.

In return you’ll enjoy two uninterrupted hours of pleasure, sitting at a vintage blackjack table inside an illicit 1920s cocktail bar with your very own flat-capped and expertly groomed bartender combining his collection of handmade syrups and bitters, pressed fruits, spices and herbs to make you as many bespoke cocktails as you like… with no extra costs or charges unless you fancy an artisan cheese and charcuterie board. Which you probably will.

You’ll also be thrilled to hear that they have a vintage roulette wheel, which we recently had a few spins on!

But the manager told us to get off.


NOTE: BYOC Camden is open Wed-Sat. You can reserve your seats HERE.

BYOC Camden | 11-13 Camden High Street, NW1 7JE

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BYOC Camden

11-13 Camden High Street, Camden, North London, NW1 7JE

8.3 | Great