Neil Frame 07/01/20

Call Me Mr Lucky

Call Me Mr Lucky | Hidden Bar in London Bridge

There’s never been a restaurant in London where (in exchange for delivering a secret phrase) you can expect to be led through a locked door, taken underground through a bustling kitchen Goodfellas-style, and then let loose inside a hidden dive bar shrouded in mystery. And tequila.

Until now.

The eating house in question is one of The Breakfast Club‘s growing stable of thoroughbred diners: a sixth celebration of Pink Flamingo burgers, pecan pie and Hemingway Daquiris which you’ll find right next to London Bridge.

the breakfast club london bridge

Whether you perch at the large central bar to enjoy a Lemongrass Collins or take a seat under the entirely pink ceiling in order to enjoy a late night plate of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup (largely illuminated by the pineapple on your table) one thing is inevitable: eventually you’ll be ready to shift your merrymaking up a gear…

And when you are, you’ll call over the friendliest-looking waitperson you can spot and state,

“I’m here to get lucky”.

At which point – unless you’re unlucky enough to have to wait – you’ll be immediately whisked through the private door, down the stairs, past the chefs and straight into one of the liveliest secret bars in London. Inside the music’s loud, the lighting’s low, the drinks are strong… and there’s a makeshift Wheel Of Fortune on the wall which – when someone spins the arrow to land in the right place – wins a round of shots for everyone else in the bar.

Every good tequila-soaked dive bar hidden underground through the back of a fully-functioning restaurant kitchen should have one.


NOTE: Call Me Mr Lucky is accessible via delivering the phrase described above, in person. You can find out more, and book for larger groups, on their website HERE.

Call Me Mr Lucky | 11 Southwark Street, SE1 1RQ

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Call Me Mr Lucky

11 Southwark Street, London Bridge, SE1 1RQ

0207 078 9634

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