Circus XO | Amazing Food-Driven Cocktails In Mayfair

Circus XO

Circus XO

Circus XO | Mayfair Cocktail Bar

Roll up, roll up!

And then maybe stand up, dust yourself off, and saunter sheepishly into Mayfair’s latest and greatest cocktail joint, Circus XO. You’ll find it hiding out underneath the the slightly insane food/art project that is Street XO, from Spanish wünderchef Dabiz Muñoz.

Like the neighbourhood it’s housed in, the bar itself is pretty fancy too – it focuses on what  Muñoz and his team are calling ‘liquid cuisine’, essentially meaning they’re taking a particularly foodie approach to the cocktail making, with a menu filled with the likes of the Bloody Som Tum (papaya, Josper oven-smoked chilli shrub, tequila and hibiscus); or the Tom Kha Kai (galanga, coriander, kaffir lime, chilli, flying fish roe, and coconut).

If you’re more of a traditionalist however, never fear, they’ve also got a second list (The ‘XO Premium Twist’ list) catering to the slightly more run-of-the-cocktail folk – here you’ll find top shelf spirits mixed up into tipples such as the Spicy & Smoky Margarita (a mix of wild Jabali mezcal, triple sec, Josper smoked chilli shrub, and worm salt).  Or, if you’re keen to avoid the booze entirely, then they’ve also got the ‘XO Drivers’ menu offering up faithful virgin versions of Dabiz’s signature cocktails alongside a couple of brand new ones.

NOTE: Circus XO is now open. You can find out more or make a booking via their website HERE.


 Street XO | 15 Old Burlington, W1S 2JL

Fancy some food with that booze? Magpie is nearby, and ready to feed you.

Circus XO

15 Old Burlington, Mayfair, Mayfair, W1S 2JL

+44 20 3096 7555


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