Evans and Peel Pharmacy

Evans and Peel Pharmacy


They don’t usually serve gin with their tonics.

But given that during the prohibition in the US, they were pretty much the only place to get your hands on some legal alcohol, it’s little surprise that the second venture from the team behind the Evans and Peel Detective Agency takes the form of a 1920s pharmacy, disguising a raucous speakeasy-style bar behind.


You’ll arrive at an inconspicuous, everyday ’20s-style pharmacy, with shelves lined with tinctures and tonics. So far, so ordinary. You’ll give the pharmacist a password, and the shop windows will abruptly turn opaque, shielding any nosy passersby from seeing you handed a prescription bag filled with some barsnacks and a flavoursome tincture (for you to add to your drinks/water at your own discretion), the back door opening, and you being ushered into the bar concealed behind. That bar is a low-lit, moody affair, dotted with vintage furniture and antique surgical instruments, and it’s here that you’ll receive…


Drinks-wise, you can expect an extensive cocktail list with adventurous takes on the Old Fashioned; plus there’ll be a fine wine list and Japanese whiskies to peruse if you’re after something a little stronger. They’re also planning to serve up sharing plates of American diner classics, so you’ll find dishes like grilled cheese sandwiches arriving in smoking cigar cases…

Because smoking was totally pharmacist-approved back then, too.

NOTE: The Evans and Peel Pharmacy is now open daily from 4.30pm till 11.30pm (11pm on Sundays). You can make your appointment HERE.

Evans and Peel Pharmacy | 42 Devonshire Road, W4 2HD

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Evans and Peel Pharmacy

42 Devonshire Road, Chiswick, West London, W4 2HD


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