Flight Club Bloomsbury

Flight Club hit the bullseye with their first venue (sorry), so they’ve gone for the double (sorry again) and have worked round the clock (treble sorry) to open their newer, bigger sophomore darts bar in Bloomsbury.

Here’s what the hoopla is about:


Flight Club Bloomsbury has been decked out with an in-your-face Victoriana fairground theme, with exposed bulbs, colourful signage, and the distinct impression that you might leave carrying a huge cuddly toy. The centrepiece is a big, bold bar that looks very much like it’s been ripped from the side of a carousel. Of course, you’re here for…

Flight Club Bloomsbury


There are nine oches (darts lanes) each complete with the standard Flight Club board; designed by a literal rocket scientist, they come with animated, automatic scoring, touch screen interfaces, and pre-programmed games like Demolition Darts (classic 301, with a twist); Shanghai (a race for points); Killer (eliminate your friends, one by one); and Quackshot (aim for the bullseye). And then there’s…


The cocktails are almost as fancy as the bar, with house numbers like the slushie Coco Fumada that blends two different rums, pineapple, lime & smoked salt, or the Tankard 10 mixing gin, white wine, peach, and apple cider. And that’s all there to wash down food like roasted Padron peppers, avocado on toast with chilli and salsa, pizza paddles, sausage rolls, and Scotch eggs.

Just make sure your diet isn’t the only thing doing a 180.


NOTE: You can book an oche at Flight Club Bloomsbury by heading to their website HERE.

Flight Club Bloomsbury | 55 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1BS

Last Updated: 8th April 2020


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Flight Club Bloomsbury

55 New Oxford Street, Bloomsbury, Central London, WC1A 1BS
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