Hattie Lloyd 04/03/22


Furanxo is an artisanal Spanish bodega, deli and natural wine bar in Dalston, and it stocks beautiful things.

It comes from two masters of the Spanish culinary tradition: Manuel de los Santos from Santos and Santos, a produce supplier favouring independent Spanish farmers and traditional processes; and Xavier Alvarez, the chef and co-owner of Newington Green restaurant, Tranga. In 2016 they joined forces to form this ultra-modern but authentically spirited place.

Simply decorated, with a nod to old Spanish butchers and abacerías, it’s a place where the food takes centre stage. Bare bulbs illuminate the shelves lined with luxury olive oil; Spanish wines from small producers; canned seafood; cheese; and jamón sliced straight off the leg, the rest of which dangles off the ceiling.


Blackboards propped up on the marble-topped counters announce that day’s tapas, which you can enjoy alongside several of those wines by the glass come the evening, when the afternoon sunlight starts to dapple the place’s tiled walls.

That said, it’s still an excellent find for a rainy day.


NOTE: Furanxo is open for business Tuesday – Sunday, with the wine bar open Thurs-Sat, 5-10.30pm. You can find out more HERE.

Furanxo | 85 Dalston Lane, E8 2NG

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85 Dalston Lane, Dalston, E8 2NG

0207 686 8027

8.0 | Great