Genuine Liquorette

Please note: sadly, Genuine Liquorette has now closed. Central London has a whole load of other great bars however, the best of which you can find here.

Genuine Liquorette wants to ‘break down the barriers between bartender and customer’.

But don’t worry, they’re not just smashing up the bar.

Instead, they’ve merely opened a bar where you’re pretty much in charge of your drinks, modelled after an eponymous basement bar in New York.

This London bar, however, is planted in a former Victorian pub in Fitzrovia, which they’ve dressed up with diner-style chequered floors, olive green walls and a huge island bar, with shelving propping up unusual spirits, cans, and an automated queue machine.


You’ll also spot a large, dark green enigma sitting on the bar that looks like a cross between a Kitchenaid mixer and a pneumatic drill. This is the cha-chunker – a machine that punches a wider hole in a can top, so that a miniature bottle of spirits can be inverted into it. But if you’re after a drink that involves a little more – well, creating, you can order one of their ‘All Star’ house concoctions too – or take on the mantle yourself and make your own under the guidance of their barkeeps. Functioning as an, ahem, genuine liquor store as well as a bar, you’ll be able to pick whatever booze appeals to you most, before learning how to mix it into something delicious.

And now? They have a self serve cocktail bar, too. You can pour them from draught taps, or get them in chilled bottles with a selection of garnishes.

You know, like satisfaction.


NOTE: Genuine Liquorette is open daily from noon – you can keep up with them HERE.


Genuine Liquorette | 6 Rathbone Place, W1T 1HL


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Genuine Liquorette

6 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia, Central London, W1T 1HL

0203 319 6306

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