Gold Step | A Subterranean Tequila Bar In Shoreditch

A Subterranean Tequila Bar Comes To Shoreditch

Gold Step

Gold Step | Shoreditch Tequila Bar

Welcome to a bar where the indecisive strike gold – an underground tequila and mezcal joint that has no menu, and never makes the same cocktail twice.

Buried beneath Shoreditch’s long-established Jaguar Shoes is Gold Step – an altar to over 60 fine and rare agave spirits which you’ll find enveloped by brick walls appropriately lit up in a fiesta of yellow and orange.

Head along and you’ll be taken through three types of tequila – Joven, Reposado & Anejo – and a mezcal, which the experts behind the bar will use to inform the spirit base of your bespoke cocktail (factoring in your current mood, and the usual style of preferred drink).

Gold Step Bar

By taking a leap of faith and leaving your cocktail fate in the hands of the Agave Gods (also known as “the bartenders”), Gold Step offers so much more than a rustic haven of colour by candlelight…

it’s an agave epiphany.

If you harbour regretful memories of nights led astray with a lime in one hand and some salt on the other (or if you have no memories of those nights at all) then fear not – there isn’t a shot glass or a sombrero in sight across the perfectly adorned cellar bar. We checked.

Without a menu to guide you, it’s worth noting that each custom order will set you back around £12, though this feels like a fair investment for the level of complexity being either shaken or stirred. That said, if you’re a stickler for the familiar then the team will be more than happy to answer your prayers and rustle up a well-versed classic.

Amen to that.


NOTE: Gold Step is open now – you can take a look at their instagram here.

Gold Step | Beneath Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, 32-36 Kingsland Road, E2 8DA


Gold Step

Beneath Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, 32-36 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, E2 8DA
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