Heads + Tails | A Two-Sided Cocktail Bar Coming To West Hampstead

Sovereign Loss Barkeep Opens A New Spot

Heads + Tails

Heads + Tails | West Hampstead Bar

Heads + Tails is a cocktail bar coming to West Hampstead this October, with a very simple premise.

Heads, you win.

Tails… you also win.

Because it’s a two-storey bar coming to you from two of the capital’s finest mixologists; Will Partridge of Kilburn Ironworks and Chris Dennis, co-founder of Brixton’s much-missed Sovereign Loss and gorgeous Soho speako, Disrepute. Together, they’re creating a ‘bar of contrasts’ which promises to serve both sides of the cocktail coin. Here’s what you can expect…


The ground floor is Heads; a high-ceilinged aperitivo spot, flooded with light and spilling out onto a cocktail garden at the back. Swathed in pale pastel tones and boasting a marble-topped bar, this’ll be the spot for a quick refresher. It’s set to specialise in spritzers, wines, and lighter-spirit cocktails like The Dove (which blends pisco and jasmine cordial with sparkling wine) and the Lightning, a low-alcohol number combining Bianco vermouth with Italicus bergamot liqueur.

Heads + Tails


Tucked underneath, you’ll find Tails – a low-ceilinged, wood-cloaked bar with cosy, conspiratorial seating and an emphasis on shorter serves, whiskies and rums. Here you can find the Thunder to that Lightning, stirring aged rum, brandy and curacao; as well as cocktails like The Dynasty (a blend of herbs, cognac, and green tea) and a set of boilermakers.

Don’t worry if you get stuck choosing between them all…

…you can always flip a coin.


NOTE: Heads + Tails is set to open this October – we’ll be back with the full scoop when they do. In the meantime, you can check out their website HERE.

Heads + Tails | 175 West End Lane, NW6 2LH

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Heads + Tails

175 West End Lane, West Hampstead, NW6 2LH



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