The Lost Alpaca

Fact: when a baby alpaca is born, it’s called ‘unpacking’.

Also a fact: Lima Floral has been busy ‘unpacking’ a whole new bar. It’s called The Lost Alpaca Bar, and it’s slung in the basement space below the Gonzalez brothers’ Peruvian stunner. They’ve stripped the walls back to their bare brick, and carved a whole new bar from reclaimed timber.

Lost Alpaca Bar

The idea behind the LAB is to represent not just Peru, but all of Latin America, via the medium of booze. There’s a different spirit to rep each country & region, all going into their various cocktails. Expect classic Pisco sours, as well as The Palo Santo Vibe (Palo Santo smoked Pisco, tobacco liqueur, mint, chicha morada syrup and ginger beer); and the Brazilian inspired Alpaca Punch (Cachaça, Dark Rum, Cherimoya, Guava, and Lucuma finished with a touch of prosecco). Add to that rum-based cocktails from Venezuela, tequila-laced drinks from Mexico, and many, many more.

Lost Alpaca Bar

Obviously, this being underneath one of Covent Garden’s best restaurants, there’s plenty of bar food too – running down from the kitchen, there are small-plate specials including the likes of hot salmon ceviche; yuca fries served with a yellow aji pepper and goat’s cheese salsa; or beef empanadas with huancaina, a traditional spicy cheese.

Which unpacks a lot of punch.


NOTE: The Lost Alpaca Bar is now open – you can find out more at their website right HERE.

Lima Floral | 14 Garrick Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 9BJ

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The Lost Alpaca

14 Garrick Street, Covent Garden, Central London, WC2E 9BJ
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020 7240 5778

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