Hattie Lloyd 13/06/17

Long Arm Pub & Brewery

The Long Arm Brewing Co. have reached out.

In fact, they’ve stretched all the way over to Shoreditch, where they’ve set up a pub and microbrewery to accompany their main brewery site in Ealing.

Pouring what could be the freshest pints in London, they’ve cut out the keg and bottling process and are instead pulling pints directly from each of the six, 1000-litre brewing tanks perched above the bar, so whatever’s hitting your glass has no additives, no chemicals and hasn’t been pasteurised. And is pretty darn eco-conscious, which is nice.

This radical approach to tradition is reflected in the interiors, with Victorian tiling and parquet floors offset by exposed brickwork and graffiti murals inspired by the brewing process, all revolving around a hulking timber bar. Oh, and because they get fun, there’s also a pool table.

On the taps you’ll find a selection of five brews, from IPA to stout, plus a rotating guest beer curated by resident head brewer Guillermo Alvarez Schulenberg. On top of this, they’re also boasting a 50-litre still tank that cooks up gins and natural extracts for use in their cooking – alongside ingredients freshly plucked from the urban farm, which, naturally, is also on-site.

These are all combined to create dishes like spicy salted squid rings, chilli beef croquettes, a heft of burgers served up with beer-infused sauces, and a selection of overwhelmingly large ice cream sundaes that arrive topped with maltesers and cherry fizz wizzes.

Giving you absolutely no reason to stay out of Arm’s way.


NOTE: The Long Arm Pub & Brewery is now open. You can find out more and book spaces for larger groups on their website HERE.

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Long Arm Pub & Brewery

Worship Street, Old Street, East London, EC2A 2DX

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