St. Paul’s is so iconically beautiful that having a line of sight to it is enshrined by law as a ‘Protected View’ – it’s literally illegal not to be able to see it from certain parts of the city.

So it’s quite nice to be able to have dinner on a rooftop just over a hundred yards away from it.

Welcome to Madison, a restaurant & cocktail bar perched on the penthouse spot on top of the One New Change complex. It’s accessed by elevator only. And yes, being on the sixth floor means you can cast your eye over some other bits of skyline too, but it would be like going to the Louvre to stare at the fire safety placards on the walls: you’re here for that big, beautiful dome.

Madison rooftop bar London

Inside the venue itself you can expect to find one of Europe’s largest public roof terraces – words which sound like mana from heaven as the lockdown starts to lift. So now here we are. The place has reopened, it’s got a new menu, and a new-found love of its terrace. Which is heated, by the way. Oh, and the place is run by D&D, who aren’t exactly slouches when it comes to atmosphere & style.


For the new menu, they’re putting the venue’s Josper Grill to work, charring huge, bone-in tomahawk steaks (it’s so big that you can get an entire lobster as a garnish); a hearty miso-baked aubergine with crunchy pineapple & chilli salad; and absurdly sexy desserts like soft-baked chocolate chip cookie dough with a hot chocolate sauce. And milk ice cream. And caramel biscuits.


The cocktail situation revolves around a trio of house originals including this Insta-baiting beauty, the St Pauls Sunset. It’s made with vodka, black cherry & red wine liqueur, and pineapple tepache, then topped with a rice paper painting of the view you’re likely staring at. Then there’s a barrel aged rum Old Fashioned, a Peachy Mule, and a conga-line of classics to follow them.

And being a terrace, there’s a cigar menu too.

Just in case you wanted something else to chew on.


NOTE: The terrace at Madison is open now, and the indoor areas will reopen on May 17th. You can find out more and make a booking at their website HERE

Madison Terrace Bar & Restaurant | Rooftop Terrace, One New Change, St. Paul’s, London EC4M 9AF

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Rooftop Terrace, 1 New Change, St. Paul's, EC4M 9AF
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