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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Mr. Fogg’s Residence

Picture the scene.

You’ve instructed your date to meet you on Conduit Street in Mayfair.

They’re excited. And happy.

You stroll together through Mayfair, past restaurants and designer boutiques; past jewellers and art galleries. There’s a spring in their step, and a smile on their face…

… until you direct them down a dingy back alleyway – menacingly encased on every side by concrete, shadows and high-rise office buildings – which they intuitively believe can only lead in one direction: towards their brutal and untimely death.

But just around the corner relief sets in, as they spot Victorian lanterns hanging outside the immaculate exterior of a truly glimmering beacon of peculiarity: the fictional home of Mr. Phileas Fogg… which you can call “Mr. Fogg’s”.

Because that’s its name.

After climbing the steps to Fogg’s abode – having possibly just manoeuvred yourself around a horse and carriage in the street, depending on which night you go – you’ll enter the madcap home of one of fiction’s most eccentric adventurers, which overflows with artifacts and trinkets collected from his travels. Stuffed Indian tiger heads, whole crocodiles and umbrella stands made from elephants’ feet; portraits of Fogg’s ancestors; wall-mounted busts of the man’s favourite pets; annotated maps and pictures from his travels; birdcages, bicycles and one large penny-farthing swinging from the ceiling, alongside the very hot air balloon in which he travelled the world for 80 days.

Expect to see staff clad in military uniforms – coloured according to their seniority within the household – serving up absinthe aperitifs, sazeracs and stirrup cups. Expect to enjoy live sing-alongs around the piano; expect close-up magicians; expect monthly visits from Mr. Fogg himself, who will regale you with tales from his most recent travels…

… and expect your date to be excited. And happy.


NOTE: Mr. Fogg’s Residence is open daily until 2am (midnight on Sundays). You can book a table, and find out more, right HERE.

Mr. Fogg’s Residence | 15 Bruton Lane, W1J 6JD

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Mr. Fogg’s Residence

15 Bruton Lane, Mayfair, Central London, W1J 6JD

020 7036 0608

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