New Bars In London

New Bars In London

The Best New Bars in London 

Welcome to our pick of the best new bars in London right now: a regularly-updated list of our favourite drinking-den openings from the past twelve months. 

We’ve created it because if Christopher Columbus were alive today – and if he wanted to visit the best new bars in London – he’d have wanted a 1st Mate just like The Nudge to act both as his primary navigator and his moral compass.

But mainly as a navigator.

Which means, long story short, you are Columbus, and we’re here to help.

We’ll start by letting you know about the best new bars in London – right now:

By Appointment Only | A subterranean drinking den set inside a stunning Victorian Bath House, BAO is – no exaggeration – one of the most beautiful venues in the city. And as to your next question – yes, there is a bathtub filled with Champagne. 

Black Rock | To call Black Rock a bar would be slightly misleading. Because there is no bar. Instead, the proprietors of this sleek subterranean drinking hole have taken a large 185 year old oak tree, laid it on its end, split it in half, and turned it into a gigantic whisky-filled table.

Behind This Wall | Neatly ensconced in a Mare Street basement space, the only evidence of Behind This Wall’s existence from the street is a sign simply reading ‘bar’. Head downstairs and you’ll find a former Turkish social club which has been rebuilt from scratch, and now serves “medicinal” cocktails. 

Clarendon Cocktail Cellar | A subterranean basement bar serving up cocktails inspired by iconic artworks, The Cellar contains antique cast iron library shelves, vintage marine lamps, red leather bar stools, a dedicated table tennis room and artwork from the Lawrence Alkin gallery – all of which is carefully topped off by a tin tile ceiling.

Little Bat | A new watering hole from the people behind Calloh Callay, head inside, and you’ll be presented with the first of three distinct areas: the hanging garden, complete with flowers, dangling plant life, and even a garden swing. After that, you’ll hit the bar, and the library area, where floating bookshelves line the walls. And finally, drink in hand, you reach the sofa-strewn museum area, with artworks on the wall courtesy of Pure Evil gallery, and an internet connected photo-booth. 

CTC Brick Lane | Yes, the award-winning proprietors of The Cocktail Trading Co – who very recently closed their temporary Soho bar – have just opened a bigger, better, boozier flagship in Brick Lane… proving beyond all reasonable doubt that when God closes a door, he really does open a window.

Ropewalk Bar | If you head along to food mecca Maltby Street Market (a 10 minute walk from London Bridge) you’ll now find a beautiful bar and two private dining rooms hidden inside renowned architectural salvage warehouse, LASSCO. Going by the name of Ropewalk, it’s a handsome neighbourhood cocktail bar fusing classic cocktails with local beers and a simple wine list – provided by market favourites Maltby & Greek, amongst others – inside a quirky space filled with reclaimed LASSCO interiors. 

NOTE: Our favourite new bars in London change, perhaps predictably, quite a lot. So, please do check back.

(Image: Clarendon Cocktail Cellars)

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New Bars In London

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