The Best Bars in London

Bars | Blackfriars

City of London Distillery A gin bar overlooking the copper stills pumping out some of the best gin in London.

Bars | Tooting

Tooting Tram and Social It’s the one area of London that actually sounds like it’s blowing its own trumpet. And not entirely without good reason.

Bars | Shoreditch

Callooh Callay A bustling Victorian-inspired bar, inside which lives the actual legitimate speakeasy wardrobe to Narnia.

Bars | Islington

Little Bat A second bar from the people behind Callooh Callay, in which you’ll find: a hanging garden, a bar, a library area, and finally, a sofa-strewn museum space. It’s what we here like to call ‘a success’.

Bars | Moorgate

Black Rock To call Black Rock a bar would be slightly misleading. Because there is no bar. Instead, there’s a gigantic tree-trunk that they’ve split in half, and filled with whiskey.

Bars | Brick Lane

CTC Brick Lane Booze from the 1800s and an in-house distillery.

Bars | Marylebone

Zetter Townhouse Marylebone The second townhouse hotel bar from the Zetter group. Unlike the Clerkenwell original, it’s affectionately known as Seymour’s Parlour -and just like the Clerkenwell original, it’s good.

Bars | Spitalfields

The Culpeper A Spitalfields local that is just as enterprising as its 17th century namesake, with a downstairs bar, upstairs restaurant, and rooftop private space/herb garden/astronomy deck.

Bars | Hackney

Kansas Smitty’s A subterranean jazz and julep parlour in the basement of a Broadway Market cocktail bar serving up that all too common inebriating combination of late night jazz jam sessions and strong bourbon cocktails.