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Peckham Levels

Transforming a South East London car park in a hub of creativity, street food and arts?

There’s levels to it.

6 levels, in fact. That’s how the story goes at Peckham Levels where a team of intuitive individuals have breathed new life into a previously abandoned multi-storey car park. They’ve turned the floors underneath Frank’s Café into a culture and events space where you can eat, drink, shop, perhaps get a tattoo and observe niche art, all while supporting the local community. You won’t get told off for loitering here and you definitely don’t need a ticket to stay either. Wins all around. Here’s what’s going down (and up)…


Starting from the top, aka levels 5&6, this is where you’ll probably want to head first if you’re feeling… peckish. That’s because there’s raft of street food kiosks parked up on the 6th floor. Right now: Neapolitan pizzas from 081 Pizzeria; roadside-inspired Indian eats from Boxwallah; Korean from Green Choy (including the show-stopping soft shell crab burger with kimchi mayo); West African food from Plantain Kitchen; and specialty coffee and cake from Peckham Levels’ very own cafe, Percolate.

peckham levels

Image credit: © Jake Davis, Chroma Collective

Down the Insta-famous multi-coloured flight of stairs, you’ll find a few options for reinventing yourself /enabling a midlife crisis like getting a tattoo from Dog & Bone, a fresh trim from The Scissors of OZ and some new bling from Behô, who make unique rings with natural gemstones. Regular weekly events take place here too, which flit between sports screenings, design and poetry shows, rolling art exhibitions, concerts and um, speed dating (because who says carparks can’t be romantic?).


In other words, levels 1-4. This is where over 80 independent small businesses hang out – most of which are from Peckham. There’s design studios, social initiatives, co-working spaces and a community dance group, with each given their own separate car parking slot. Rent these days is a killer, as we all know, so it’s a cost-effective (and creative, of course) way to provide Peckham’s creatives with a space to get their stuff done. Some of the occupants even offer courses, including pottery classes (where you make your own claypots) from The Kiln Rooms

Keep an eye out for the markets that happen regularly here as well, usually packed to the brim with handmade wares, vintage clothes, records, accessories, food and live music.

Just no cars…


NOTE: Peckham Levels is open daily from 10am-11pm (1am Thurs-Sat). You can find out more on their website HERE.

Peckham Levels | Peckham Town Centre Carpark, 95a Rye Lane, SE15 4TG

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Peckham Levels

Peckham Town Centre Carpark, 95a Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4TG
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