Pergola on the Roof

Pergola on the Roof

Sorry, the Perg is taking a break and getting ready for next year’s edition. We’ll be here with the scoop when it does.

Drinking on rooftops (as we’ve established) is just better than drinking on not-rooftops.

Maybe it’s the altitude going to your head.

Well, this multistorey carpark rooftop on top of the iconic BBC Television Centre in White City, 170 feet above the West London skyline, is the perfect place to test the theory, because the entire space is covered in a gigantic pergola of holly, ivy and less popular Christmas flora, as well as a healthy dose of blankets, cedar and fairy lights. And in case you were worried, yes, obviously the rooftop is completely encased in a snow, wind and rain-proof protective dome. What are these guys, amateurs?

And this winter you’ll be able to enjoy food from…

Snaps + Rye who will be filling you with Danish meatballs;

Le Bab – kebabs from Michelin-trained chefs;

Patty & Bun – burgers with fresh seasonal ingredients; and

Le Bao – fluffy buns, featuring 2016’s Best Sandwich.

All of which will go directly to your mouth.

NOTE: Pergola on the Roof’s winter incarnation is now taking a festive break to get hustling for the summer edition.


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Pergola on the Roof

Television Centre, Wood Lane, Shepherds Bush, West London, W12 7RJ


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