Piano Kensington | Candlelit Piano Bar With Regular Sing-a-longs

Piano Kensington

Piano Kensington

Piano Kensington | Piano Bar

New York does piano bars.

Greenwich Village has several, all filled with friends squeezed around a grand piano, cocktail in hand, filling the room with renditions of “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, various classics from the Ratpack and more showtunes than you’d ever normally want to hear.

An evening at a piano bar in London was, until Bazz Norton launched Piano Bar Kensington in 2003, impossible to come by.

It’s now become a London institution – from the humble entrance opposite Kensington High Street Tube, the narrow dark stairway and the small candlelit bar, to the dark leather seating, the friends crowded around cocktail-laden tables, the 160 year old Collard & Collard Grand Piano and the legendary atmosphere and buzz of the crowd gathered around it.

Your evening will start sedately but, as the drinks flow, the room fills and the atmosphere builds, you’ll soon find yourself drunk at the piano, swaying in the arms of strangers and singing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” with more gusto than you might have ever imagined.

Possibly with someone else’s tie wrapped around your head.


NOTE: Piano Kensington serves food, but it works best to eat elsewhere and then arrive for 21:30ish. Booking a table is strongly advised: it’s always busy. You can do so HERE.

ALSO NOTE: Landlords are the worst: Piano Bar will soon be closing in Kensington to be turned into flats. Get down there before 22nd December 2019.

Piano Bar | 106 Kensington High Street, W8 4SG

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Piano Kensington

106 Kensington High Street, Kensington, W8 4SG
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020 7938 4664


9 / 10

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