Prosecco House


It’s not just sham-pagne.

In fact, it’s developed such a cultish following in this country, that now there’s a whole bar entirely dedicated to the stuff. It’s called, believe it or not, Prosecco House.

Prosecco House

It can be found in the plush new One Tower Bridge development, kitted out with velvet barstools, bronze tables, and marble fittings. It all centres around a vast, glass-doored wine fridge spanning the length of the room, within which you’ll find 20 different varieties of the sparkling stuff, including 5 that aren’t available anywhere else in London. There’s even a variety created by the owner of the bar herself.

Soaking it all up, there’s cicchetti, bar-bites, and focaccia sandwiches. And the bottles are even available for delivery.

So you won’t have to come out of your bubble.

NOTE: Prosecco House is open daily from noon till late – you can find out more on their website HERE.


Prosecco House | 1 Crown Square, One Tower Bridge, SE1 2SE

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Prosecco House

1 Crown Square, One Tower Bridge, London Bridge, South London, SE1 2SE
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