Reverend JW Simpson | Victorian Shabby-Chic Cocktail Bar

Reverend JW Simpson

Reverend JW Simpson

Reverend JW Simpson | Goodge Street Cocktail Bar

It goes without saying that you should never mix your drinks.

Unless you like cocktails.

And if you do, where better to indulge your appreciation than within the fusty environs of what used to be Reverend J W Simpson’s Goodge Street dwelling?

Many places, you’d think. Especially as its interior is a mishmash of peeling wallpaper, tiled floors and battered wooden walls which, together, leave the clear impression of a flat that’s recently burnt down.

But actually the good Reverend’s dimly-lit, humble abode perfectly serves its purpose, metaphorically punching every chintzy cocktail bar in the face by allowing its drinks to do the talking.  Drinks like prune Manhattans and tequila/sherry cobblers, ‘Applejack Rabbits’ (made with cinnamon and maple syrup), ‘Old Fashioned’s, and the manly ‘Port In A Storm’…. all perfected by the team from Bourne & Hollingsworth, who have been honing their craft around the corner since 2009.

Also, there’s an open piano in the corner. They leave it open mainly because the keys are inside, but also in the hope that you might choose to take a seat and entertain the other guests.

But obviously if you’d rather perform your usual number (the legendary “Walking Past and Hitting a Few of The Keys, Because I Can’t Play Anything”) then that’ll be fine too.


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Reverend JW Simpson | 32 Goodge Street, W1T 2QJ

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Reverend JW Simpson

32 Goodge Street, Bloomsbury, Central London, W1T 2QJ


8.5 / 10

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