Savage Garden


Savage Garden

Hidden away, out of sight and mind, atop the Hilton Doubletree sits Savage Garden.

So that’s where they’ve been for the last two decades, we hear you say.

Well, no – this Savage Garden is a rooftop bar, which just happens to have one of the city’s most under-appreciated views. And yes, the Australian 90s duo were truly, madly, deeply upset at the choice of name – until Twitter brought them to rights. In an embarrassing oversight, they hadn’t checked the June 1720 edition of the London Gazette, which name-checks the street opposite as Savage Gardens.

So, back to this Savage Garden: a paragon of rooftop splendour which peers out over the steel and glass of the City’s rooftops.

Savage Garden Bar

Here you can sup some of the City’s slickest cocktails, hold court and survey the best of London before you: drinks at Savage Garden will veritably land you in a who’s who of what’s what, from Tower Bridge to The Gherkin.

Legendary London diarist Samuel Pepys was known to walk the streets upon which Savage Garden now floats. And although it’s hard to imagine Pepys downing daiquiris (solely because he was more of wine man), he’d have been all over the extensive bar menu’s tempura oysters and ‘injectable’ donuts.

In the balmier summer months alfresco tables are doled out on a first come, first served basis, but the vista – framed by huge glass windows – is enviable from the inside too.

Either way, best call in advance.


NOTE: Savage Garden is open daily from noon-2am (1am Sunday). You can find out more, and book, HERE.

Savage Garden | 7 Pepys Street, EC3N 4AF

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Savage Garden

12th Floor, 7 Pepys Street, Tower Hill, EC3N 4AF
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020 7709 1044

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