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Harvey James 12/08/22


What do the Utah Jazz and Deptford have in common?

Nope, it’s not a tendency for dribbling. It’s Stockton. 

This Deptford restaurant and bar was named after John Stockton, a famous NBA Utah Jazz player, according to owner Gordon McGowan. Stockton was reliable, only missing 4 games in his first thirteen seasons, and in 1995 passed Magic Johnson for the most assists ever (bet you never knew The Nudge could give basketball history lessons, now did ya?). And fittingly, Deptford’s Stockton is the reliable and incredibly talented assist partner to McGowan’s original venue, Buster Mantis.


The restaurant sits at the bottom of Deptford with outside trestle tables, and inside there are grained wooden tables, a chic panelled bar, and a row of high stools that overlook the high street.

The rotating menu is a soulful and elegant range of Mediterranean plates. The tender bavette steak comes with a sharp chimichurri, crispy marinated artichoke, and extra crispy potato rösti that combined for a joyous plate of food. As was the fresh egg tagliatelle with rich brown crab, lemon butter, chives and shaved fennel. But one dish never comes off the menu: the melt-in-the-mouth chorizo al vino tinto with parsley, garlic and rosemary, and two bricks of toasted sourdough to soak it all up. There is a reason it’s the signature. But if that seems too rich (it’s not), lighter dishes include gnocchi with broad beans and peas, plus, a beetroot and buffalo mozzarella salad.


The restaurant also has a 3 am license, so – powered by the same high-quality cocktails as Buster Mantis and their other sibling, The Watergate – you can prepare for that meal to overextend somewhat. There is a selection of wines including vinho verde and orange wines, and there is a slush puppy machine oozing out potent frozen margaritas. Don’t get the wrong impression though, during conventional hours it’s a relaxing place to eat.

Getting you home after indulging in all the culinary delights and impeccable alcoholic offerings until 3 in the morn? John Stockton might have some assisting to do yet.


NOTE: Stockton is open Wednesday – Saturday, with brunch on weekends. On Thursdays, there’s a whole menu of dishes and cocktails for £6. You can find out more, and reserve a table, HERE.

Stockton | 2 Deptford High Street, SE8 4AF

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2 Deptford High Street, Deptford, SE8 4AF

0208 692 2428

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