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The Best Champagne Bars In London

The Best Champagne Bars In London

The Best Champagne Bars in London | Partner Content

Fact: your average bottle of Champagne contains about 49 million bubbles.

Slightly exaggerated fact: your average city contains about 49 million Champagne bars.

And yes, while that stat was a teeny bit inflated, the point still stands. The bubbly stuff is so popular, you can literally get it in a sandwich shop. But there are places where you merely can drink it, and places where you want to be seen drinking it.

These are the latter. Behold, the best Champagne bars in London…

Fortnum & Mason’s | Check out whatever mind-bending window display they have on offer, browse shelves filled with a few of the finer things in life, and head to the wine bar for a glass of one of the finest. The Champagne of the Month is Perrier-Jouët, and you can get a flight of three glasses.

The Ritz | They don’t call it “puttin’ on The Travelodge”. And when you head to the achingly gorgeous art deco Rivoli Bar for a glass of the good stuff, you’ll find out why.

W Hotel | Providing a little oasis from the hordes of shoppers outside, the Lounge at the W does not feel like it belongs in Leicester Square. And yes, we meant that as a compliment.

Bob Bob Ricard | If there’s one place in the Capital that’s going to be good for Champagne, it’s the place that has buttons labeled “Press For Champagne” at literally every booth. And yes, every table is a booth.

Bob Bob Ricard - Best Champagne Bars in London

B&H Buildings | Champagne was only given its AOC status in the thirties, which is appropriate, because Bourne & Hollingsworth’s immaculately furnished retro space feels like it was ripped out of that very decade. Now grab a Chesterfield, and order some bubbles. Pip pip!

Olympic Studios | OS is both a beautiful, art deco-ey bar/restaurant, and a beautiful, art deco-ey cinema. And both of them will furnish you with a table upon which you can share a bottle of sparkling wine (like the three types of Perrier-Jouët they have, for instance).

The Imperial | Helped out by Perrier-Jouët, The Imperial is launching a garden pavilion seating 14 people, centerpieced by a long white oak table planted with live flowers. Oh, and a site-specific art installation made of several hundred white butterflies circling a botanically-inspired chandelier.

12th Knot |  The jewel box that is 12th Knot overlooks the Thames, and quite frankly provides incredible views both inside and out. Pair that with some of the best bubbles money can buy, and you’re onto a winner.


The Best Champagne Bars in London

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The Best Champagne Bars In London

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