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The Bletchley

The Bletchley

The Bletchley.

Much like the code linked to its namesake, this bar is a bit of an enigma.

But what we do know is that:

1. It’s run by the people who brought you the Breaking Bad cocktail bar ABQ

2. Who are also the people that ran The Bunyadi, a.k.a the naked restaurant

3. The bartender already knows what you’d like to drink.

They’re confident in this assertion because they’re taking inspiration from the code-breaking operations that took place at Bletchley Park in WWII to create a bespoke cocktail that caters to your unique taste. 

The Bletchley

Having found your way to a secret location, you’ll make your way into the war room. Here you’ll start by inputting simple personality data into a cipher machine, that will translate your characteristics into different flavours and textures. Once you’ve deciphered your personal scent and colour preferences, you’ll transmit your unique code via radio to the back office, where a set of expert mixologists use these clues to concoct what could very well be your perfect drink. And just in case it’s not, there’ll be another two for you to try, just in case…..

….the recipes for which, naturally, you’ll receive in a top secret envelope.

Let’s hope they’re not written in invisible ink.

NOTE: You can make a reservation at The Bletchley on their website HERE. Tickets costs £34.99pp (inc. 3 drinks).

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8 / 10

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