The Bloomsbury Club Bar | Atmospheric 20s Bar with A Twinkling Grotto

The Bloomsbury Club Bar

The Bloomsbury Club Bar

The Bloomsbury Club Bar | Bloomsbury Bar 

If we could have a drink with one person living or dead, we know exactly who we’d pick.

The living one.

And while there’s a highly competitive shortlist for the less-living ones, we can be sure that pretty much every one of the booze-friendly luminaries in the Bloomsbury Set would be on it. And the Bloomsbury Club Bar is where you’d take them.

Snugly planted underneath the Bloomsbury Hotel, the BCB is a ravishingly atmospheric ’20s style cocktail spot divided up into two areas – a main bar with art deco-ey flourishes, leather seating, and dark wood floors/ceiling/everything; and a relaxed, booth-filled grotto, with bare brick walls, and verdant greenery covered in so many twinkling little lights, it’s like you’re stepping into a damn fairytale.

To drink, you’ll find all the necessary era classics (the cherry & whiskey Blood & Sand; the tropical rum & pineapple Mary Pickford, etc.) alongside house originals like the Virginia Woolfe, which blends gin (duh) with raspberry shrub; and the Leonard Woolfe, whose whiskey is offset with a little ginger and orange. They even have the Queen mother’s favourite refresher: the self explanatory Gin & Milk, which they make with full cream.

To eat, you’ll find simple bar bites like lamb goujons with tamarind, tuna tartare on Guinness bread, and truffle fries. And if all of that’s not decadent enough, there’s a cigar menu too, all drink-paired…

…in case you need a good match.


NOTE: The Bloomsbury Club Bar is now open below the Bloomsbury Hotel, from 4pm-2am Monday to Sunday. 

The Bloomsbury Hotel | 16-22 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3NN

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The Bloomsbury Club Bar

The Bloomsbury Hotel, 16-22 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, Central London, WC1B 3NN


8.5 / 10

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