The Bloomsbury Club Bar

If we could have a drink with one person living or dead, we know exactly who we’d pick.

The living one.

And while there’s a highly competitive shortlist for the less-living ones, we can be sure that pretty much every one of the booze-friendly luminaries in the Bloomsbury Set would be on it. And the Bloomsbury Club Bar is where you’d take them.

Snugly planted underneath the Bloomsbury Hotel, the BCB is a ravishingly atmospheric ’20s style cocktail spot divided up into two areas – a main bar with art deco-ey flourishes, leather seating, and dark wood floors/ceiling/everything; and a relaxed, booth-filled grotto, with bare brick walls, and verdant greenery covered in so many twinkling little lights, it’s like you’re stepping into a damn fairytale. And from 9pm on Wednesday-Saturday, you’ll be serenaded by the dulcet notes of a live band, playing jazz, blues and soul.

Bloomsbury Club Bar

To drink, you’ll find a cabinet full of fine and rare whiskeys, cognacs and liqueurs, and a menu featuring cocktails named after the Bloomsbury Set themselves. Virginia Woolf is honoured with a gin sour with honey and raspberry; while her husband Leonard gets a clout-bearing concoction of rye whisky and cognac; Sri Lankan pineapple and coffee syrup; kaffir lime leaves and plum wine foam (good luck). Or you might opt for Vanessa Bell’s souped-up martini with Italicus bergamot liqueur and salted caper berry; or Roger Fry’s tequila and pumpkin cordial-laced glass of fizz.

Bloomsbury Club Bar

To eat, you’ll find simple bar bites like guacamole and chips; Dorset crab on toast or a cheese toastie made with a weekly guest cheese from nearby La Fromagerie. And if all of that’s not decadent enough, there’s a cigar menu too, all drink-paired…

…in case you’re looking for a match.


NOTE: The Bloomsbury Club Bar is open below the Bloomsbury Hotel, daily from 5pm-1am (midnight Sundays). You can find out more, see which bands are playing and book a table HERE.

The Bloomsbury Hotel | 16-22 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3NN

Last Updated: 21st August 2019

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The Bloomsbury Club Bar

The Bloomsbury Hotel, 16-22 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, Central London, WC1B 3NN
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