The Book Club

Shoreditch’s Book Club is a strange beast.

A beast that rather aptly emulates the inner personality clash of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson character Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. But you know, without the murder. Here’s how:

Dr Jekyll

During the week The Book Club poses as a cool-yet-homely hangout for its surrounding Shoreditch creative clientele – offering an airy, stonewalled interior space to sit with your laptop as you create your next masterpiece.

On your bespoke wooden chair, you can sip on a locally roasted coffee from South London-based Volcano Coffee Works and chow down on simple, but timeless, classics such as ham, egg and chips or a sustainably sourced Caesar salad.

The constantly evolving art displays that adorn the walls capture your imagination and perfectly compliment the sophisticated mid-week soirees. It’s possible to be eating a confit duck leg salad for lunch then hang around to catch a tutorial on how to make your own terrarium in the evening.

But get ready for the transformation…

Mr Hyde

At the weekend Dr Jekyll’s wild side rears its promiscuous, dance-crazed, cocktail-fuelled head and throws the hipsters of Shoreditch a right good party.

An eclectic line up of DJs host regular events across this two-floored Victorian warehouse venue offering everything from disco dance anthems to the latest in the world of hip-hop.

Run by Mothership, the people behind the hugely successful Queen of Hoxton and new live music venue Colours, The Book Club has some sibling rivalry to contend with. But like any naughty sibling will do, it stands up, pokes its tongue out, kicks its older siblings in the shins, and turns its music up a little louder.

Well, I suppose something has got to drown out those voices – right, Dr Jekyll?

That is correct, Mr Hyde.


NOTE: The Book Club is open daily. You can check out their calendar of events right HERE

The Book Club | 100 – 106 Leonard Street, EC2A 4RH

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The Book Club

100-106 Leonard St, Shoreditch, EC2A 4RH

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