Talisa Dean 29/11/22

The Green Room

The Green Room | Hidden Bar in London Bridge

On the outside, The Green Room is a mild-mannered peri peri chicken restaurant that goes by the name Casa do Frango. But by night, assuming you can find the unmarked door subtly hidden behind the sweeping forest green counter, it becomes a buzzing speakeasy.

Now, Casa do Frango is quite a beautiful spot in its own right, and the food is quite lovely too. Taking up residence over two floors of a huge Victorian warehouse in London Bridge, the Casa is airy, leafy and light. It’s exactly what you want from a casual restaurant.

The Green Room

But the hidden bar is something of a complete contrast. It’s dark, it’s moody, and it’s impossibly romantic. The railway arch ceiling wraps itself around plush furnishings, elegant rugs, and scattered greenery. It’s basically like the coolest living room on earth. And the fact that it isn’t huge actually serves to bring out the intimate atmosphere.

The Green Room is home to classic cocktails like negronis (theirs comes mixed with a Portuguese liqueur made from ginja berries), watermelon margaritas and pisco sours, as well as twists like the chocolate-laden Port Old Fashioned. And of course, there’s some Portuguese beer and Portuguese wine too, including the always delicious Vinho Verde (‘green wine’) which is made from young grapes harvested in a DOC wine-making region in the north.

And of course, if you fancy getting something to eat, you can’t really go wrong with the restaurant right outside. They’ll furnish you with some chicken charred over a wood-fired grill, butterflied, and smothered with one of their three signature sauces (oregano, lemon and garlic, or piri piri) by Algarvian ‘pitmaster’, Lucidio da Fonseca Monteiro.

So you know he’s not just winging it.


NOTE: The Green Room is open Monday – Saturday from 5pm. You can find out more at the website right HERE.

The Green Room | Behind a thick, velvet curtain in Casa do Frango, 32 Southwark Street, SE1 1TU

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The Green Room

Behind a thick, velvet curtain in Casa do Frango, 32 Southwark Street, London Bridge, SE1 1TU

0203 972 2323

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