The Grid | A Black Mirror Inspired Pop Up Bar In London

There's a Black Mirror Inspired Bar Coming To London...

The Grid

The Grid | Black Mirror Inspired Bar

Black Mirror.

Its bleakly cynical outlook of the future is enough to drive you to drink.

Which makes this new pop up bar rather convenient

It’s called The Grid, and it’s coming to us from the people behind the fantastic ABQ and The Bletchley. Inspired by Charlie Brooker’s show, it’s an immersive experience set in a future dominated by artificial intelligence.

The Grid

You’ll play a member of The Grid; a secret society of individuals working to safeguard humanity’s future against machines. Your job will be to infiltrate the NeoSight, the company responsible for the AI …and crush the system by drinking a buttload of cocktails. We assume.

If you want to be the first to get tickets, you’ll need to sign up to their waiting list, but be warned…

…you’ll have to prove you’re not a robot first.

NOTE: The Grid is due to launch on Friday, August 17th 2018. You can find out more, and sign up to their mailing list on their website right HERE (the code is 456712).

A Secret SE1 Location

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