Jason Allen 05/10/17

The Racketeer

King’s Cross.

And we can only assume he’s in that mood due to the severe lack of truly great, independent cocktail bars & bottleshops around the neighbourhood.

Well, we can all relax, because now The Racketeer exists.

It’s an old Victorian space lovingly restored (by team who worked at the Hawksmoor, and helped found the Palomar) with floor-to-ceiling, retractable windows looking out onto their terrace. Inside, you’ll find the polished marble bartop of a ritzy drinkery paired with the bare floorboards of a not-so ritzy drinkery, giving the overall effect of supremely well-aged decadence. It’s from behind that bar that you’ll be served,


The menu focuses on classics with a twist, including their Penecillin In A Storm, whose whiskey & ginger is mollified with a porter float, and a Jaffa Collins which has a little orange bitters thrown in to bolster the gin & lemon. If you’re after something to go at the end of the evening, you can find it at,


The wine on sale all comes from small producers, including Pedrera Monastrell from Spain’s deep south, and some Sicillian Ca’ di Ponti Catarratto. Naturally, there are some craft beers, too (including some from UK breweries Purity and Neckstamper) which you can enjoy in,


That’s right. Stroll right the way around the bar as if you were looking for the loo, and instead you’ll find the secluded oasis that is their walled garden.

Just don’t make too much of a racket.


NOTE: The Racketeer is open daily. You can find out more, and check out the full menu at their website HERE.

The Racketeer | 105 King’s Cross Rd, WC1X 9LR

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The Racketeer

105 King's Cross Rd, King's Cross, WC1X 9LR

8.5 | Great