The Trafalgar St. James

Lord Nelson was about 5ft 6, however his statue is 17ft…

…which is Horatio of about 3:1.

And if you want to look him face-to-triple-sized-face, then you’ll have to go to Trafalgar Square’s preeminent rooftop bar, sitting seven stories up – the cherry atop the St James hotel on the square’s south side. Up there, you can cozy up with sumptuous furs and candlelit tables. So far, so good. But what with the competition from all the other rooftop bars that keep materialising along the skyline, they’ve decided to play their ace: the northern lights.

The plan is to project the aurora borealis onto the walls and weatherproof canopy of the rooftop itself throughout the winter months, as soon as the sun dips below the horizon. Quite how this will play out is not quite clear, but they seem to be quite proud of it, given that they’re creating an entire cocktail menu themed around it (the hot Oslo Coffee involves Grand Marnier, Aquavit, and a whole lot of caffeine). And to add some ballast to the booze, there’s fondue, raclette sliders, and smoked bacon linguine served in a wheel of cheese.

As you might expect, the hotel underneath is pretty plush. Individually created chambers – also called “Rooms” – are decorated with images from London’s music scene, and include plush touches like USB plugs, soaking tubs, and a stash of books.

And if you’re scared of heights, right underneath all of these is the ground-floor cocktail lounge, Rockwell. It’s inspired by the spirit of exploration, which you’ll note in both the exotic, glamorous decor and the unusual cocktail list. Just don’t have too many.

Or it’ll be your Waterloo.


NOTE: The rooftop bar at the Trafalgar St. James is open daily, midday to midnight. You can find out more, and make a booking, HERE.

The Trafalgar St. James | 2 Spring Gardens, Trafalgar Square, SW1A 2TS

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The Trafalgar St. James

2 Spring Gardens, Trafalgar Square, St James's, Central London, SW1A 2TS
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