Campfire Club | Acoustic Fireside Gigs in London's Hidden Gardens

Published 12/07/19

Campfire Club

Campfire Club | Fireside Music

Remember when everyone used to huddle around a campfire on school trips while someone played the guitar, and you all told stories, and had a singalong?

Well, this is like that, except instead of your PE teacher, the person with the guitar is a celebrated folk musician, and there’s a full bar stocked with home-made wines, ciders, ales, and mead.

Campfire Club

It’s run by the Nest Collective: a group of folk who like folk, and who dedicate their time to reviving grass-roots traditions, dances and music from around the world. And besides the Ceilidh Liberation Front (a radical ceilidh troupe who travel the country with raucous dances and a band of half-clothed men in kilts) and their mini-festivals, they run Campfire Club as a way to reconnect with nature and other people, through the medium of booze, fire and song.

Every week throughout the warmer months, they gather around a crackling firepit in one of London’s hidden green spaces, from the Culpeper community garden in Islington to Lambeth’s Oasis City Farm. Feet away from the musicians – plucked from a roster of incredibly talented beings – you’ll cosy up under rugs and blankets, clink glasses and soak up the acoustic rhythms as the sun sets.

It’s going to catch on.


NOTE: Campfire Club runs weekly throughout the summer. You can find out more, and book tickets (from £5), HERE.

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