Jason Allen 16/04/19


Myristica | Caribbean Royalty On A Plate

Caribbean food is hot right now.

And after having been treated with the arrival of Island Social Club, rum & roti spot Limin’, and the proliferation of jerk-charged menus, now the capital is finally getting some real island-style fine dining.

It’s coming from acclaimed MasterChef semi-finalist Michelle Trusselle (when Marcus Wareing tried her food, he describes it as “Caribbean royalty on a plate”), who’s set up a monthly supperclub called Myristica.

It’s named after the nutmeg tree, so important to Caribbean cookery it even features on the flag of Grenada (where Michelle’s heritage stems from). Her supperclubs are all held at a secret location, and all follow the same format: everything kicks off with one of their signature prosecco cocktails, as Michelle explains the inspiration & ethos behind the menu. Then, she retires to the kitchen, while you retire to your seat, and dive into the selection of canapés.


There’ll be six courses in all, with favourites from the previous supperclubs held over while new dishes are added. That means you can expect – among others – dishes like squash & bay leaf textures with handmade pumpkin bread & churned nutmeg butter; torched mackerel with tomato, mint and a scotch bonnet coconut custard; and banana with mixed spice & molasses, all finished with a little Diplomático rum syrup.

Which all sounds very diplomatic.


NOTE: You can find upcoming dates, and book your tickets, right HERE.

Myristica | Somewhere secret…

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