The Wolf of Wall Street | London Immersive Theatrical Experience

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street | London Immersive Theatrical Experience

We’d like to talk to you about an incredible investment opportunity.

It’s from a man named Jordan Belfort who, we assure you, you can absolutely trust.

You see, you now have a chance to get tickets to an immersive show based on the staggeringly debauched, true story behind The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s setting up somewhere in central London this September, and it’s being produced and directed by the people behind what is now London’s longest-running immersive show (The Great Gatsby, which was coincidentally also based on a hedonistic story adapted onto film by Leonardo Di Caprio).

Not a huge amount is known about the show itself at the moment – which is where all of this ‘trust’ talk come into play – but here are the bare bones: first of all, you’ll need to get into your best American ’90s office getup. Slap on those shoulder pads. Roll up those jacket sleeves. Slick back that hair. Looking the bomb, you’ll head on over to the offices of Stratton Oakmont next to Liverpool Street – you’ll probably recognise thanks to the fleet of supercars parked outside.

The place is four storeys tall, and filled top-to-bottom with pure excess. You’ll eat at the restaurant, drink at the bars (yes, plural), and make the most difficult decision of the evening: do you trade with Jordan, make millions, and lose your soul? Or do you work with the Feds, and close the noose on the vast empire of fraud?

Either way, you’ve got a chance to get in on the ground floor by investing in a ticket before they all go. In fact, they even have an affiliate program – if you persuade friends, family, or strangers to go via your own unique ticketing link, you’ll get rewards starting at bar credit and going all the way up to dinner with Jordan Belfort himself.

Of course you’ll naturally want to bring a famous prop from the film to add to the immersion.

Now… can we interest you in buying a pen?

NOTE: The Wolf of Wall Street The Immersive Experience starts from September 19th, and is currently booking until January 19th 2020. Tickets cost £60 and are available right HERE.

The Wolf of Wall Street | 5-15 Sun Street, EC2M 2PT


Main image by Michael Wharley with design by Rebecca Pitt

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The Wolf of Wall Street

5-15 Sun Street, Liverpool Street, EC2M 2PT


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