Jason Allen 13/02/19

Anish Kapoor is back with a new show at Pitzhanger Manor

Anish Kapoor at Pitzhanger Manor | Old building, modern art

Welcome to Pitzhanger Manor.

This Sir John Soane-designed mansion has recently been restored, and now it’s anything but the Pitz.

Especially since they’re celebrating this new space by decking the halls with a truckload of Anish Kapoor sculptures playing with reflection and light – some of which have never been seen in the UK before.

Anish Kapoor at Pitzhanger Manor

There are mirrored boxes which seem to blend into the background seamlessly, colourful rainbow-like orbs suspended on the walls, and beautifully polished spheres that create complex reflections when you look into them.

The circular nature of the artworks frequently mimic the beautifully restored trio of circular skylights set into the ceiling of the newly restored museum space, too.

Which ought to shed some light on the artworks.

NOTE: Anish Kapoor at Pitzhanger Manor is on until 18th August. Tickets cost £7.70, and are available at the website right HERE.


Pitzhanger Manor | Mattock Lane, W5 5EQ

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Anish Kapoor at Pitzhanger Manor

Pitzhanger Manor, Mattock Lane, Ealing, W5 5EQ