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Jason Allen 29/11/22

The Biggest Street Art Exhibition In The UK, Ever

The writing has been on the wall for some time now.

Graffiti is an art-form.

And it’s an art form that’s long been eschewed by the art gallery crowd, mostly because art galleries tend to be indoors. But now, the most creative form of vandalism is getting its very own indoor art show, thanks to BEYOND THE STREETS, which will be by far the most comprehensive street art exhibition to ever open in the UK.

Beyond the streets

You’ll find it in the Saatchi Gallery when it launches next February, and it’s going to be the first show for almost a decade to take up the entire gallery space, all 70,000 sq ft of it, which will be stuffed full of original art, rare ephemera, photography, immersive and huge site-specific installations from over 150 of the world’s most influential street artists.

It’s actually a follow on from an original exhibition that took place in LA a couple of years ago, and then moved to New York just before Covid hit. It was a blockbuster, and was the most visited show in the history of the LA Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s all been curated by Roger Gastman, a man who has edited graffiti magazines; written graffiti books; shot graffiti documentaries (he co-produced the Oscar-nominated Banksy documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop”); and curated graffiti art shows, including this one. He’s obsessed with street art. And, if you can believe it, he’s even daubed a wall or two of his own.

Beyond the streets

The lineup for the London show has yet to be announced, but tickets are nevertheless on sale already, and will likely go quickly – the LA show was filled with an extraordinary array of impressive works, from text scrawled on the sides of trains, to vibrantly colourful walls daubed with artworks that contain framed artworks hanging within them, to room-filling installations, to an entire full-scale recreation of an iconic skate park. And this show is bigger by half.

It’ll make a splash, and should attract a few big names, too.

A couple of graffiti artists might even tag along.


NOTE: BEYOND THE STREETS will run from February 17th to May 9th 2023 at The Saatchi Gallery. Tickets are available right now (from £15) at the website right here.

Saatchi Gallery | Duke of York’s HQ, SW3 4RY

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