A Huge New Immersive Bob Marley Exhibition Is Coming To London

Bob Marley.

Amazing singer, terrible tennis umpire. Games never seem to get past one love.

And, as of next February, he’ll be the subject of his own immersive art show, too.

It’ll be landing in the Saatchi Gallery for just ten weeks, and it’s going to showcase the man’s life in a unique and inventive way. How, exactly? Well, allow us to take you on a virtual preview tour through the rich medium of words…

After you wander in through gallery’s grand, pillared entryway, you’ll hear the dulcet tones of the show’s subject pulling you into its opening area: The Music Room. Here, you’ll see lyrics, awards, accolades, unseen photographs, and rare vinyl, all while listening to it. It serves as an introduction to Marley’s achievements as a musician, before moving onto the second room, the One Love Forest. This will be a literal, Jamaican-style forest – plants, scents, sounds, and all – which serves to show off the backdrop that Marley used as inspiration for his songs.

After that, there’s a permanent, ongoing silent disco playing out in the Soul Shakedown Studio. You’ll be invited to grab a pair of headphones and shake a leg before moving onto the games room (AKA the Beautiful Life Zone) where you can play some football among other pastimes that Marley enjoyed. Then, a backstage corridor will take you through to the Concrete Jungle, resplendent with original street art of the man. FYI, you can submit your own work if you want, and they might just show it. Then, everything concludes with the Next Gen Zone, which celebrates the legacy of love, music, and philanthropy that has been left in Marley’s wake since his passing 40 years ago.

That’s the standard tour. If you want to take things up a notch, there are VIP packages including a chance to join a late-night disco, get a private view, and even hook up a “special date night package”.

Tickets are on sale now, and it’s a strictly limited run.

Miss out, and you’ll identify strongly with the wailers.


NOTE: The Bob Marley One Love Experience takes place from 2nd February – 18th April 2022 at The Saatchi Gallery. Tickets cost between £19.80 – £77 and are available right HERE.

Saatchi Gallery | Duke of York’s HQ, SW3 4RY

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The Bob Marley One Love Experience

Duke of York's HQ, West London, West London, SW3 4RY
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