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Talisa Dean 19/06/19

Our Retreat

Our Retreat | Luxury, Fitness-Focused You Time

Putting the uhhh-su-weeeeeet into retreat… is Our Retreat.

They offer luxury, fitness-focused stays in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, and Morocco.

Forget real life – the tube; tupperware; strained after-work drinks – for either three or six soul-nourishing days, you’ll wake up in a cobbled farmhouse in Somerset, overlooking 42 acres of deep greens; or in a bright white villa in Ibiza, fitted out with a tennis court and not one but two swimming pools.

One for lapping and one for lounging. Obviously.

Our Retreat


All of their retreats include a mix of daily yoga and strength and mobility training, led by fully-trained instructors, and adaptable for all abilities. Depending on where you are, you’ll also get to experience a mix of higher intensity HITT training, scenic guided hikes, yacht trips, kayaking, skiing, snow-boarding, and more.

Our Retreat


Of course a healthy body and mind isn’t all about exercise, which is why fresh, balanced, plentiful meals are also top priority. For your stay you’ll have a private, professional chef cooking you mostly plant-based meals three times a day.


Some nights they programme cooking classes, whilst on others there are film screenings, outdoors, under the stars. There’s guided meditation, sound baths, or you might choose to book yourself in for a spa treatment – a massage… or two. Treat and…


NOTE: Our Retreat offers retreats in Somerset, Chamonix, Ibiza, and Sardinia. Prices range from £550 – £1,550. All retreats are for people of varying abilities, whether alone, in a couple, or group of friends. For more details or to book, visit their website here.