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Hazlitt’s is an opulent, boutique hotel nestled in the former lodgings of 19th century essayist William Hazlitt, who died there in 1830 in a love-struck, opium-fuelled delirium – after which his landlady purportedly shoved his body under the bed in her haste to show new tenants round the room.

These days, however, you just need to check out by noon.

A warren of rooms spread across four Soho townhouses, it’s a time-warped den of Georgian decadence; filled with moody hues, rich furnishings and over 2000 prints and paintings. Here’s what you can – and probably didn’t – expect from a stay there.


Credit: Philip Sheldrake/Flickr

Soho’s Frith Street is a peculiar paradox – slap bang in the centre of London’s loudest, busiest and multifaceted district, it should be the worst place to get a good night’s sleep. But Hazlitt’s is in a surprisingly quiet spot, perched next to peaceful Soho Square and within perfect stumbling distance from some of London’s best watering holes. And while you’re perfectly placed for London’s theatres, big tourist spots and shopping valhallas, you’ve also got cultural institutions like the Soho Theatre, and iconic jazz spot Ronnie Scott’s on your doorstep, as well as Hazlitt’s (eventual) resting place in the secluded St. Anne’s Churchyard.


Like the country pile of some eccentric distant uncle, the thirty rooms here are found in surprising corners of the building, all decked out with heavy brocade drapes and thoroughly period furniture. The floors creak, the walls slant, and you’ll probably be spending the night in a room with a four poster bed, a fireplace, or a giant marble bathtub (of course, the Georgians didn’t really have ‘bathrooms’, as such, so the owners have improvised with toilets concealed in Jacobite loveseats, and a bath which fills via the beak of a life-sized bronze eagle).


Somewhat pint-sized, Hazlitt’s doesn’t boast its own restaurant – but the plus side to this is that you can feel entirely guilt free ordering your continental breakfast straight to your four poster. There are, however, two cosy lounges lined with books where you can take tea, plus an honesty bar (where they’ll often serve you private drinks for a celebration). And, you know, you’re in Soho – which means you can head to a whisky bar hidden behind a bookcase, a 1930s Parisian brasserie, a critically acclaimed Indian street food spot, a Michelin-starred chef’s table, or get ready to queue at Barrafina on Dean Street.


Aside from their intimate, cosy lounges, you won’t find much by way of facilities here. But what they lack in multigyms and spas, they more than make up for with impeccable service – want something urgently dry cleaned for the same day? No problemo. Forgot your toothbrush? They didn’t. In dire need of a cat to snuggle while you’re flicking through first editions in the library? Meet Sir Godfrey.

Plus, every room comes with 24 hour room service, a minibar, decadent REN toiletries, air con and free wifi. Oh, and a smart TV, which – just to keep the room authentic – will be likely be hidden behind a sliding gilt mirror.

Just as the Georgians would have done.


NOTE: Rooms at Hazlitt’s start at £199 per night. You can find out more and reserve on their website HERE.

Hazlitt’s | 6 Frith Street, W1D 3JA

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6 Frith Street, Soho, Central London, W1D 3JA

020 7434 1771