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Neil Frame 07/01/70

2.8 Hours Later

2.8 Hours Later | October 2013

Your birthday.


The vernal equinox.

Getting chased by zombies.

These events share a common thread: they each happen once a year. But only Asylum (from the team behind 2.8 Hours Later) requires you to purchase tickets 10 weeks in advance in order to avoid missing out…

But maybe you want to miss out, because this is scary.

Because while it’s easy to defend yourself from zombies while shacked up at home (simply by surrounding your house with outward-facing treadmills) it’s far harder to do so when you’re being chased down an alleyway by rabid packs of the undead.

After securing tickets you’ll need to choose your attire for the game. Trainers will be a good start, as will anything else that might assist you in out-running an army of living corpses determined to eat your face. Like loose clothing, for example.

Or a baseball bat.

You’ll be starting from a secret London location that’s been secured against the zombie epidemic. But when the fences are breached that sanctuary will become your prison. Escape, find the other survivors, try to avoid dying and head to the Asylum…

On arrival (once you’ve been scanned for infection) you’ll find a bar, a Zombie Disco and – most crucially of all – a toilet cubicle to change your pants in.

Tickets for 2.8 Hrs Later are now on sale for the 17th – 19th, 24th – 26th, and 30th – 31st October HERE

NOTE: there are currently Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 tickets available. The only difference between them is the cost: the experience is identical. Buy early and you can get a Tier 1 ticket; delay, and there’ll only be the more expensive Tier 3 tickets left (if any…). Supply and demand, innit.


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2.8 Hours Later

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