Alice’s Adventures Underground

Alice’s Adventures Underground

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” – Buddha

Easy for Buddha to say: he didn’t live in London, a place where true happiness and deep fulfilment needs to be reserved months in advance.

A case in point is Alice’s Adventures Underground, an immersive theatrical wonderland arriving in the capital next April (in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) which – if you’d like to go – you need to secure tickets for immediately, because it’s selling out fast. Like, really fast.

However in order to want to buy a ticket you’ll briefly need to dwell in the past (sorry Buddha) by appreciating that critically-acclaimed theatre company Les Enfants Terribles have spent the last three years planning and preparing this experience. And then you’ll need to spend a moment dreaming of the future…a future in which you’re going to fall down a rabbit hole underneath Waterloo Station before being presented with a seemingly simple choice:


Which is the point at which things are going to get weird, as you embark on an adventure filled with projections, potions, Cheshire cats, secret cubbyholes and hidden pathways that wind through over twenty different rooms. Rooms in which hazy, pipe-smoking caterpillars, circus performers, surreal Mad Hatter-hosted tea parties, puppets, live music, hedge mazes, a fearsome Queen Of Hearts and a large assortment of peculiar characters will come together in a kooky, 90 minute spectacle that’s going to culminate in you drinking cocktails and playing pink flamingo croquet in the Queen’s Garden Bar.

Buy a ticket and I’ll show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes– Morpheus

NOTE: Alice’s Adventures Underground runs from April 9th – May 30th 2015 at The Vaults. For any further enquiries please don’t hesitate to email [email protected].

Alice’s Adventures Underground | The Vaults, Leake Street, SE1 7NN

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Alice’s Adventures Underground

The Vaults, Leake Street, Waterloo Station, South London, SE1 7NN