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Neil Frame 07/01/70


Basecamp | The Book Club Shoreditch

You’ve been in heavy training to prepare yourself for the 2012 Olympics.

And your regime – which has consisted of visiting busy places and getting really annoyed – is about to pay off.

Because with Friday’s Opening Ceremony on the horizon, the moment has finally arrived for you to dramatically unleash the true glory of your Olympic Spirit on the unwitting public.

And there’s only one place to do it.


Described as “a playground for adults”, Basecamp – which is being hosted by The Book Club in a large outdoor car park on Leonard Street – is launching this Friday (27th July 2012) and will run for the duration of the Games.

Pop Quiz! What’s the round thing they throw at the Olympics? Discuss. 

Surrounded by giant topiary shapes; a paddling pool; neon light-installations; miles of bunting and live graffiti art you’ll enjoy all-day screenings of the athletic action; ice-cream in abundance; lashings of cider, frozen cocktails, ice-cold beers and Pimms with trims from the pop-up outdoor bar; hearty, British grub from Street Kitchen’s shiny Airstream trailer and competitive sportiness (King Pong; Beer Pong; Robo Pong; basketball and croquet) courtesy of The Social Athletics Club.

Sweat-bands are mandatory; talent is optional.

Basecamp opens on 27th July. Free entry. 

The Book Club | Leonard Street Car Park, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4RH

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Leonard Street Car Park, Shoreditch, The City and East London, EC2A 4RH