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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Blackout Banquet

Blackout Banquet | Butler’s Wharf

The main problem with candlelit dinners is that they’re always undercooked.

Fortunately, however, the overlords at picturesque Butler’s Wharf – a stunning stretch of riverside tranquility right next to Tower Bridge – are turning the entire concept of a “candlelit dinner” on its head, by using thousands of candles to light up their brand new oversized banqueting table – as opposed to using them, as everyone expected, to cook the food.

Welcome to Blackout Banquet: a candlelit, alfresco dining experience for 140 Londoners each night, all enjoying a rotating three course menu (made up of dishes like treacle-cured salmon, blackened orchard farm pork and dark chocolate mousse with Bermondsey stout ice cream) at one extremely long banqueting table.

Really, this is the sort of magical once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone in the world who doesn’t live in London would happily give an arm or two to participate in. Possibly a leg, too. However the price for you, being lucky enough to live here, is just £35.

With all electric lighting being switched off at 20:30 each night, and with Tower Bridge lighting up the Thames beneath it, you’ll be left to enjoy cocktails; candlelight; great food from The Blueprint Café, Cantina Del Ponte, Chop House and La Pont De La Tour; and uninterrupted views of one of our planet’s most iconic landmarks. Which is all too easy to forget when you live here, but is nice to remind yourself of when a good opportunity to do so arises.

You know, like now.

NOTE: The easiest way to book Blackout Banquet while there are still spaces is by calling one of their two booking lines – either 0207 403 3403  or 0207 940 1833.

ALSO NOTE: In case of rain they’ve made a special perspex roof


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Blackout Banquet

Butler's Wharf, Shad Thames, The City and East London, SE1 2YE